April 24,2007
Skiing, it's not so important........

Apparently  is Lisa waiting for us in Greenland!!!!!!

Staying the night in an igloo will not be a problem at all and who knows,
the journey might already be over for one of us....

By now, some people should be even sorrier that they didn't come along
to Greenland
Posted by janremmelg @ 09:53
Ian Beckett said...
I thought Greenland was colder than this....
24.04.2007 | 09:28
Samo said...
Nice start guys. Behive :)
24.04.2007 | 12:30
Matte said...
24.04.2007 | 13:48
Pete said...
I guarantee Jan did not meet this woman while working.
24.04.2007 | 14:18
Jan said...
Pete, you are spot on.....
24.04.2007 | 16:28
Camilla said...
Hej Jocke!
Jag trodde det var du och jag. Together we can make a "svettpärla"!
24.04.2007 | 20:12
Käse said...
You will meet lots of dogs during the trip!
25.04.2007 | 10:19
Jan met such girls while working !!! said...
I saw JAN with such girls in St.Anton and vienna :::==)))))
believe me, if not, i find a photo my archives.
25.04.2007 | 14:58
Jan said...
Sschh....... Now we are getting into the deep sectrets, which shall remain a secret ;-)
25.04.2007 | 17:50
Jocke said...
Det vet du, Millan!
25.04.2007 | 17:52
Angry Dad said...
Get that picture of my daughter off your web site, have you no respect?
26.04.2007 | 06:48
Happy Fan said...
Dad, we certainly respect your girl and you should be a very proud dad - but she stays....
26.04.2007 | 08:37
Angry Dad said...
Are you a scouser? 20 LEGEND there's no contest,
26.04.2007 | 17:34
Martin Jensen said...
Det sitter en skottskadad grythund på laxgården i Karlskoga och ylar....det där e bra grejer grabbar.
Keep them coming....
27.04.2007 | 19:18
Björn said...
Kjell, för i helvete!! Uppdatera babe of the week! Dax för ny fräsch.
03.05.2007 | 07:45
ulrika said...
Visa gärna lite läckra manliga babes också!!!
03.05.2007 | 21:16
Majsan & Lotta said...
Ja, mer manliga pinups tack, kanske lite skidbilder ocksa...?, annars far ni inte besok av tva geishor i Japan...
Blir det nat liggat da?
Poss,poss fran tanterna
04.05.2007 | 18:46
Kiwi Jonny said...
Have a jatte' bra time over there! I think im heading to Greenland real soon... is it true lots of green grows there?, now i see the girls, im booking tomorrow!
04.05.2007 | 19:02
u said...
06.05.2007 | 19:59
Boysen said...
Va är det for equipment som gäller??
08.05.2007 | 07:24
Ottawa Senator said...
Jan, are the fours hills in the picture, part of the 70 you plan to tackle

10.05.2007 | 21:19
Nivi said...
hey thats us!
11.05.2007 | 13:54
Nivi said...
ups wrong picture, hehe:)
11.05.2007 | 13:55
brian salanee said...
hallo guys!
any frying going on?
17.05.2007 | 14:13
Mr_President said...
Tjena Janne,

Hoppas du har det fetbra på din resa och trivs livet. Väcker en massa sentimentala minnen till liv när jag läser vad du håller på med. Va ett tag sedan du åkte till Madras...

Vete fn om jag postar rätt nu men jag hoppas du nås av detta.

Bajskorv // Richard Sernelin
28.08.2007 | 12:41
Christer i Jämtland said...
Döp om site

Ha ha

Är det bergen ni bestiger i de olika världsdelarna?

Ha de gott och kör försiktigt!!!!
29.11.2007 | 14:28
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