January 14,2008
Whistler bar babes...WOW

That smile, those dark eyes, those........... simply beautiful.........
Top notch Whistler girl. We'll of course not tell you where you can find her.

Here's another stunning Whistler girl. Those lips are softer then silk,
we know......  Other items are more

Not sure if it's a good idea to leave Whistler.

Or do you guys prefer the Argentinean bar girls???????
Our choice is the Whistler girls.

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December 21,2007
Denver girls.........

Hey BABY, do you want to know my name??????

The Denver babes (Mia, Cheryl and Katie) kept us going until the early
morning hours - HOT.......

Crash & Burn........

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December 10,2007
Three pack Ferin

Ladies, this is a guy you need to fight hard to get, but Mr "Three pack" Ferin
is worth waiting for is what we heard.
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October 26,2007
Cabo hunk
We have received a lot of pressure from our female readers
due to the lack of some goodies for them.

This is for you ladies - The Cabo hunk

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September 28,2007
No camera, no babes.......
We may have lost our camera, but we still have a few Babes in the archive..


Top notch beach girls and a teaser for how it looks like in Cabo San Lucas
(Mexico). Yes, we are going there end October!!!!!!!

US Open surf girls

Huntington beach street life. Been there done that.......

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September 15,2007
Bolivia - diverse country with diverse women

Our conclusion (through serious research) tells us that
altitude has something to with how women look in Bolivia.
Yes, there are certain exceptions in the Zona Sur area in
La Paz, but they place to be in is Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is on jungle level and it's HOT.  Las Magnificas
is the elite, but there are plenty more like this - we know!!!

Boys, what are you waiting for??????????


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September 03,2007
Argentinean football babes

WOW, it's for sure not a bad thing watching an Argentinean football
game. Brilliant action on the field and maybe more interesting action
among the crowd. "The crowd goes wild" is certainly right for the
Argentinean football babes.

No way you'll find this at Old Trafford!!!!!

Vamos Argentina!!!!!!!

Watching a game in a sports bar is also OK!!!!

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August 02,2007
California girls.....

California girls !!!!!!!

Worth waiting for......

The bikin's are getting smaller in LA !!!!!
and that's perfectly OK with us.

Here are some pictures from a Monday afternoon.

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June 22,2007
Safe surfing

After a lot of pressure and threats from the President of South Central Home Boys,
here’s some stuff on what really happens on Bondi Beach.

Safe Surfing
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May 24,2007
Fighting spirit

Not only a killer girl, but Sara clearly also showed the best fighting
spirit at the Nordic Freeride Skiing Championship in Riksgransen.
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May 15,2007
Average Icelandic girl

Miss World 2006, an average Icelandic girl that hangs out at Oliver – we know!!!!!!
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May 07,2007
Greenland babes

After a lot of research, this is as good as it gets........
your choice!!!

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April 24,2007
Skiing, it's not so important........

Apparently  is Lisa waiting for us in Greenland!!!!!!

Staying the night in an igloo will not be a problem at all and who knows,
the journey might already be over for one of us....

By now, some people should be even sorrier that they didn't come along
to Greenland
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Whistler bar babes...WOW
Denver girls.........
Three pack Ferin
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