12 month – 35 countries – more than 70 ski areas!!!

Skiers are dreamers. Whether the dream is to do heli skiing in the shadow of Everest in Nepal, swoop down some nameless glacier in Greenland, or to be one of the rare visitors to ski the remote areas of India, your own personal skier’s odyssey only comes to a close when you cease to dream and make things happen.

We are three Swedish free ride skiers living in Chamonix ( France), who are about to live our long time dream – Ski all continents of the world during 12 consecutive months. Our journey will during the period of May 2007 to April 2008 take us around the globe to 35 countries and more than 70 ski areas.

The journey is very much about skiing as a lifestyle and exploring new terrain around the world. It’s also about three individuals meeting people of different culture and as well experience unique items in the different countries along the journey – items such as:

  • sea kayaking in Greenland

  • dog sledging in Greenland

  • horse riding and hot springs in Iceland

  • tiger safari in India

  • steep downhill mountain bike in Bolivia

  • explore Machu Picchu in Peru

  • explore Central America

  • snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands

  • Awesome foursome in New Zealand

  • etc.

Our focus is free ride skiing and we intend to take the skiing beyond traditional ski lifts in to the back country in all the places we’ll visit. It’ll be a quick pace around the world with stops of 2-5 days in each place.

The intention is to make a documentary movie (DVD) about the entire journey – covering skiing, travel, people, experiences, etc. Our intent is to also equip ourselves with individual camcorders and to have each of us three to film a personal diary covering our personal thoughts, experiences and emotions as a part of the documentary.