New Zealand - All Blacks

All Blacks
Sports in New Zealand; it’s all about rugby and the national team and pride;
All Blacks – the best team in the world. Everyone lives, breathes and talk rugby.
Rugby is always a hot topic, but it’s even hotter a year like this with the
World Cup coming up this fall. Yes, All Blacks will win it.

The support for the All Blacks is tremendous and you can see all sorts of items
displaying the team everywhere (and we mean everywhere). It’s like you have
an entire nation dressed in All Blacks jerseys on a game day (or every day).
The only thing that can be compared to this is Diego Maradona in Argentina.

The Haka is a magical maori warrior dance that’s performed by the All Blacks
just before the game. It’s fantastic and it must be the ultimate game preparation
ever. Check it out on (search on haka).

We managed to watch three All Blacks games in New Zealand; one live in
Christchurch vs the Springboks (South Africa) and two (Springboks & Aussie)
in a sports bar – FANTASTIC atmosphere. 

The skiing on the north island is on the active volcano Mt Ruapehu and the ski
area Whakapapa. It’s the only active volcano in the world that has a ski area.
It’s spectacular with all the lava fields surrounding the mountain and then you
have the volcano crater lake on top of the mountain. Fantastic views and you
can find some interesting skiing, especially if you want to hike a little.

NZ is certainly worth a visit for everyone.

Now we are off to Chile via Los Angeles (quick stop for some beach action).

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