Home sweet home

We been to our parents visting in Karlskoga and Uppsala for a week.
You all know how great it is to be at home eating your mother’s food
and the great Sibylla fast food. Mostly we have been hanging around
with our families and friends before we take off again. We also had an
interview with the local newspaper in Karlskoga.
After being at home in Sweden for a couple of days, it felt really good
 to be on the road again. We were going faster than we expected so we
 “missed” the Snowdome just south of Hamburg. We all agreed that it
was not worth waiting in the car for three hours for them to open. So we
headed towards Chamonix, France, since we fly out from Geneva, Switzerland.
When we got there we went for a pizza and a couple of beers at Casa Valerio,
best pizza in town.

We were also lucky to see the match between Sweden and Danmark
in the Euro 2008 qualifications. (What an idiot that ran on to the field!)

We only been slacking in Chamonix and just checking the small details
before we leave. The final fitting of the ski boots, last things to take out
of the luggage for ten months and checking out web cameras in the ski
areas of Australia. They do not have that much snow, yet!

We are all looking forward to a short thirty hours flight to Sydney, Australia.
None of us has ever been there so that will be fun. I am sure all of us feeling
 the same thing, that we want to go. Now. The world is waiting!!!

We are ready for Australia, but are the Aussies ready for us????????

Did you know that a giraffe can lick his ears with its tongue to clean them! 

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