It's all over......

Jocke is testing Verbier powder

Verbier: The weather may not have been with us and the Montfort top lift was
closed for the season, but Verbier anyway showed us what a world-class ski area
it is. Steep challenging extreme runs and we like that.  Also having it almost to
our self this late in the season is of course fortunate. A classic visit to the Carlsberg
mountain restaurant is of course something that needs to be done.  This is a place
for everyone and the town in itself is brilliant. You can come back time after time
and find new favorite runs. Yes, you need to fight for the untracked powder, but be
up early and do some hiking and you’ll find it.

Janne is going steep in Verbier

La Morra, Barolo, Italy

Barolo is certainly for wine lovers: We stopped for a day in the Barolo wine
district on our way to La Grave (France). It’s an extremely beautiful area and
just driving around visiting the little villages is amazing. Yes, if you like wine
this is the area to go to and don’t miss La Morra. Also don’t miss the truffle
market in Alba, but then you need to there in October/November.

Small selection of Barolo wine

Le Meije

La Grave: Aggressive mountain with La Meije as the big eye catcher. The
small town is nicely located on the other side of the valley. You need to know
what you are doing on the mountain, but here you’ll find among the best skiing
in the world. It’s for nothing that the best extreme skiers in the world praise it.
We’ll certainly come back here many times in the future.

La Grave

Preparation for final run

Jocke Hahne is making sure we are ready for the final run

Grand Finale: Back in Chamonix we spent a few days preparing for the
final run of the entire journey – from the top of Mont Blanc. Refugio
Torino on 3400 meter was the place for our preparation to get used to
the high altitude and to freshen up glacier rescue techniques, etc.
Our friends and mountain guides, Mike Wright and Jocke Hahne drilled
us hard to get ready.

Jocke is ready for the final run

Unfortunately did an injured knee and strong winds change our plan. At the
very last moment we decided not to climb and ski Mont Blanc, because it’s
the real thing and you don’t do it unless you are fully fit – you can’t win them
all. It was important for us to do something together this final day, so we decided
to ski Valle Blanche instead. It’s for sure not a bad alternative since it’s a
spectacular run from Aguille du Midi on 3842 meter.

Mike Wright is having fun on Valle Blanche

Final cruise down Valle Blanche was a walk in the park. It’s always spectacular
to see the glacier with all the crevasses, etc. Had a great lunch, tartiflette and
croute, in the sun at the Requin lodge half way down the glacier.

Jocke Sorensson & Mike Wright is enjoying lunch at the Requin lodge

The evening party at Chambre Neuf was a success and all the people showing
up certainly enjoyed watching pictures from the entire trip.

It’s been an amazing adventure and it’s to early to summarize all the exceptional
experiences, but it’s for sure a once in a lifetime journey and we’ll have memories
that will last for our lifetime. Hopefully have we inspired some of you to go out
and live your dreams. One thing is clear, if you really want to live your dream you
can do it – just do it

Our adventure will be a documentary movie that will be released later on this
summer. Keep an eye open for the movie and also the trailer that we’ll released

Vertical Way Around, an epic journey around the globe.

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