Diego Armando Maradona – the icon in Argentina.
It’s all about football in Argentina and Maradona is so  much bigger then
anyone outside of Argentina can understand. Diego, you are our hero.

Yes, Argentina is also about the best and the biggest steaks in the world.
Meat lovers, it’s the place for you to go to. We can’t either ignore that the
Argentinean girls are “pretty” OK – long dark hair, dark eyes and some
other things worth waiting for.

For us it was also about spending a lot of time in a bus. It’s a great way to see
the country and the buses must be among the best in the world. Luxury seats,
snacks and also a game of bingo – just make sure you know numbers in
Spanish, we don’t…

After leaving Punta Arenas in Chile we crossed the Magellan strait and entered
Tierra del Fuego at the very bottom of South America. Our destination is
Ushuaia and skiing in Cerro Castor. Not the largest and steepest skiing in
the world, but some spectacular views and it’s after all the end of the world.

Straight (without a shower) from the slopes to the bus terminal and a 72 hours
(two stops in Rio Gallegos & Commodoro) journey to Bariloche……….
A shower is rather high on the list of things to do in Bariloche.

Bariloche is one of the prettiest areas in the world.  Small city on a hillside
overlooking a large lake with surrounding mountains. Also a lot of houses
and hotels along the lakeshore – very scenic. Bariloche is certainly competing
with Wanaka in New Zealand.

Cerro Cathedral, Bariloche

The ski area, Cerro Cathedral, is located 45 minutes outside of Bariloche and
it’s really not a nice bus ride in a totally packed bus. It’s also the manana
approach on the bus time schedule, so be prepared to wait. The skiing is scenic
and OK, in particular if you do some hiking to hit the backcountry. There is
also a new ski lift being build that will give some great back bowl access.
We got 2 days of sunny skiing with some fresh snow.

Bariloche is also the center for chocolate in Argentina and there are
chocolate stores everywhere. It’s also very good, maybe to good.
Check out Fanglio, sooo good.

Argentina powder

Bariloche to San Rafel by bus (13 hours) – found out at 7am in San Rafael
that all buses to Las Lenas are full – jumped on the bus to Malargue (90km
from Las Lenas) – rented a “taxi truck” in Malargue together with two
Canadian guys – arrived in Las Lenas 24 hours after leaving Bariloche.

Las Lenas

Las Lenas is clearly the best ski area in South America. High altitude skiing
with easy access to the backcountry and some great steep off piste skiing.
The Marte lift takes you to 3400m and from there you can easily hit the
front side of the mountain with some great skiing. Do some hiking from
the summit and you find even better skiing, it’s all up to you how much
you want to work for it. The only downside is that it’s often very windy
and that closes down the Marte lift and the access to the summit. Without
the Marte lift it’s pretty average skiing unless you do a LOT of hiking.
Despite the wind, this is the place to go to in South America and if you ad
the Argentinean and Brazilian girls, it’s an easy choice.

Dynamite adrenalin

In Las Lenas we also got an unnecessary adrenalin rush, when we found
some intact dynamite in a couloir on the front side of the mountain.
We told the ski patrol and they answered, “Yes, yes” in a very
“convincing” way. The dynamite was still there the following
morning!!!!!! We stopped skiing that couloir……

Dynamite skiing

We are now off to Bolivia for some high altitude skiing and some other
exciting activities.

Did you know that it’s now clear that Morten Solheim and Peter Suban
will join us on the North American part of our journey?
Sorry guys, the motor home is now full.

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