Final countdown - 6 days to take off

It's finally happening - the start of the once in a lifetime adventure. The hype
is definitely there, but everyone is surprisingly relaxed and cool about it.

We are all geared up for the first two stops, Greenland & Iceland, but are they
prepared for us....??

The famous "check list" is worked through again, again and again. Some final
preparations are under way, but most of the items are in place. That's at least
what we think, but reality might show us something different very soon.

We are also gearing up for this weekends "release and goodbye" party with all
the closest and dearest friends in Chamonix. Where?? Of course at the hottest
bar in the Alps - Chambre Neuf.

The ski season in Chamonix is very soon ending, but it gives us some OK late
spring skiing to get familliar with all the new skiing equipment. Our Partners are
providing some really good stuff.

The question that we get all the time is; "what's the most exotic and exciting place
you'll go to?". The honest answer is: we don't know??? They are all so different
and unique in themselves and we are sure they'll all be great.  It can very well be
that the least expected place will be the most exciting. We'll find this out along the
journey and we'll share every moment with you. We may later regret the "every" part..

We encourage you all to enter your Email in the "Subscribe" section and you'll get
an Email notification whenever we update the diaries. We intend to do it weekly.

Finally, Many Thanks to all our Partners around the world that are making this
adventure happen.

Bon voyage

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